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Im a young entrepreneur thats enjoying life, traveling, seeing new areas and just hoping to find, well honestly ... I don't know. I am a writer, love photography, love to read especially by a warm hearth and I used to train horses.

Definitely message me to know more!

Life is not about complexity, Not about who’s politics is right. Its just the simple relaxation, a breath of sweet air and a seldom lingering mind on the things around you. 

I’ve been able to grow up in a beautiful land, that many thank God overlook.

To one side you’ll see a beautiful valley, to the other hard mountains with mist swelling around the peaks. Of course everyone takes the valley, but little do they know that behind those peaks is the greater reward.

A river running through valleys ten times the beauty of the first. 

Dear beauty, of which many a secret glen looks like Heaven’s own treasure. And this is the beauty of my home. Ah to be free, and to be happy.. But I still lack the truly most important.. a lady’s smile.

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